Have a painting? Leave a painting.
Need a painting? Take a painting.
A chashama Windows Program project, curated by Anna Ogier-Bloomer & Erik Sanner
Opening reception 6pm-8pm, Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Gallery hours
Wednesday, September 17 - Tuesday, September 23, 2008
266 West 37th St. (between 7th & 8th Ave.), NYC
About the show
The chashama Windows Program presents a unique week-long art experiment. This show seeks to foster relationships between artists and collectors while encouraging them to take on each others' roles. Inspired by the penny tray, which invites people to leave or take pennies depending on their need, Have a Painting? Leave a Painting... invites art makers and non-art makers alike to donate or take art depending on their desire. In order to facilitate conversation, leavers and takers are required to share their contact information with one another.
Invitation to participate
Have a painting? Leave a painting. Need a painting? Take a painting.
All media accepted. Drop off one piece of original art anytime during gallery hours from 9/17 to 9/23. The only requirements are:
- The work must be ready to hang
- You must share your contact information (so that whomever takes the piece can contact you).
You need not be the creator of the piece of art you bring in.
You may not declare your donation as a tax write-off since it is going to an anonymous individual, not a charity organization. There is a one-work-per-person limit for the duration of the exhibition.
If you're a collector or want some art for any reason, stop by during gallery hours from 9/17 to 9/23. You will be welcome to take any one of the works on display. If nothing strikes your fancy, please come by another time. We hope that the work on display will be changing frequently throughout the exhibition.
The only requirement is that you contact the person who dropped off the piece of art you have chosen. We ask that you send a brief email or postcard explaining what led you to take that piece. There is a one-work-per-person limit for the duration of the exhibition.
Open call for texts
Do you think this is an interesting concept that might stimulate meaningful conversation between artists and collectors? Or maybe you think the exhbition devalues art and the position of artists in society?
Another component of the show will be interpretive texts about the concept. If you would like to contribute an interpretive text, please email it to pennytray@gmail.com. It may be displayed during the exhibition on the wall or in a binder. We may also post your text on the web.
Press release
Feel free to read or share the press release:
Any questions please contact pennytray@gmail.com.
We hope to see you at the show!
- Anna Ogier-Bloomer & Erik Sanner
Since 1995, chashama, a non-profit arts organization in New York City, has provided opportunities for performing and visual artists by awarding grants, producing shows and providing subsidized studio, rehearsal and performance space. The Windows Program is a hallmark public art initiative of chashama, enlivening vacant storefronts with multi-disciplinary performances and visual installations. Through presenting work in unexpected public places, the Windows Program helps build a broader audience for contemporary art and performance.