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project title: spring planting
project summary:
(please see pdf above)
spring planting, a new media installation, grows like a garden. anyone can interact with the piece online and in the exhibition space.

prior to the exhibition, participants take daily pictures of a seed becoming a plant. photos are submitted and edited into time-lapse video clips. printed out, those photographs documenting growth become collage elements.

during the exhibition, visitors add the photos of the developing plants to a growing collage on the wall. simultaneously, online visitors arrange video clips, which are projected onto the same wall. the result is a continually growing new media "garden," which is nurtured by viewer-creators in both virtual and real space.
volunteer consultants: ricky bacon (freelance programmer)

vineel shah (freelance programmer)

ricky and vineel each have several years of expertise creating a wide variety of interactive web-based platforms. they are willing to make sure i can learn how to do some things i donít have much experience with (e.g., projecting live user-manipulated imagery from a website) when i run into difficulties on my own. my new media work has been made possible with guidance iíve received from vineel and other technology experts.
work samples: chess (collaborative new media project, 2008)

one cup senryu (collaborative new media project, 1998)

autumn leaves (new media installation, 2006)

club ikebukuro (collaborative art event / exhibition, 1999)

winter branches (new media installation, 2007)
questions / participation: if you have any questions, please post at:
i will try to respond quickly and clearly.

if you want to participate in spring planting, please send an email to with the word "planter" in the subject line.

thank you for your interest and support.

- erik