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Everything we know about is changing all the time. Paintings fade and crack. Trees fall, new growth springs up. Technology is evolving at an accelerating pace. And each of us is a constant work in progress, never static, never still.

In my work, I use computer processing to manipulate painted and filmed images, placing them in a constant state of flux. I project dynamic video onto prepared surfaces such as painted canvas, integrating new and old media. My installations are simultaneously filmic and painterly. I create moving paintings which look different every time you see them.

I want the viewer to experience painting as a time-based practice; additionally, I seek to expand the painterís palette by combining additive with subtractive color. I strive to expand our experience of painting through collaboration and using technology. This is both my goal and my method of artmaking.

Attentive to the constant decision-making necessitated by our incessant interactions with this universe, I try to enable expression of the resulting creative potential. We change every second, and the universe is an entirely different place from one moment to the next, made even more so as a result of our efforts. I want my work to insist on maintaining a shifting point of view as technological advancement only makes the evanescence of everything more apparent.

Erik Sanner
October 2009